But Just For Right Now.

I love you,
And that’s the problem.
I love you,
And I can’t tell you.
I love you,
And it would terrify you.
I love you.
And I know you don’t feel the same.

Oh, darling.
I am falling in love with you.

And I know I can’t tell you.
Of this I am so sure.
It would send you running,
Fed on your fears so high.
You would disappear inside your head,
And that would be the last of you.
Of this I am sure.

And maybe someday,
And maybe we’ll see.
But just for right now,
I love you.
And it feels bittersweet.

But it’s okay.
I just fly on a faster frequency than everyone else.
So I’m use to being here by myself.
But it’s okay.
Because for right now,
I get to quietly love you.
And it’s okay to not feel the same.


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